Business Process Automation and the business of getting more done, smarter

It’s about giving your teams the means to do things right, with the right things.

With SymphonyBPA, relevant platforms – in-house, online and cloud-based - are seamlessly integrated with your CRM and its mobility. It basically gives your people all they need to be more engaged with and responsive to your clients and prospects.

All tasks in hand

SymphonyBPA allows you to create, operate and maintain automated processes. It links people, systems and data through acquiring, managing and distributing information.

The central idea behind SymphonyBPA is the Task, in other words a requirement that’s triggered by an event. Tasks comprise any number of linked and sequenced steps, controlled by a simple drag & drop user interface. A wide range of tools are available, designed to integrate with existing databases, apps, formats and comms channels with no need for complicated programming.

The tools are categorised to match different elements of the task – Event, Input, Format, Output and General. The combinations of tools and sequences available are more or less limitless, so all your requirements can be effectively met.

Take care of housekeeping digitally

Most web and cloud solutions have an Applications Processing Interface (API). This interface allows Symphony’s business process automation solution to take over some essential – but essentially mindless – tasks, such as data inputting and processing. So for instance, your employees’ new connections on LinkedIn will be instantly entered with CRM as soon as the contact is accepted on a mobile device. The APIs between SymConnect, Act-On and LinkedIn will be ‘talking’ to each other, and getting the housekeeping done and kept up-to-date. 

All your systems aligned and working together

Business process automation can also integrate your firm’s traditional practice management system with your CRM solution. This means everything can be working from the same page – business development and marketing are aligned and tuned in to practice management and client management functions. Everything and everyone is pulling in the same direction; things are done better, faster, and more cohesively.

Task automation 

  • New LinkedIn connections automatically added to SymphonyCRM
  • Create leads from Twitter feeds
  • Add a new record to CRM from a new row in SQL Server
  • Task reminders for any Organisation, Individual, Lead or Opportunity in CRM
  • Creating background checks regarding data quality
  • New attendee in GotoMeeting creates a lead in CRM
  • Creating financial transactions QuickBooks or Xero

Process automation

Alongside the workflow capability in SymphonyCRM, SymphonyBPA applies consistency in all your processes sited in different systems. It’s a dynamic, event driven and integrated system that extends to other software applications – instant gains in productivity combine with eliminating administrative waste, and stakeholder relationships are enhanced.

The key benefits

  • People freed to use their skills and talents in the most effective ways
  • All the platforms you need automatically available through CRM, and wholly mobile
  • Mindless tasks handled digitally, making for smarter use of your team’s time
  • Integrates CRM, practice management and other systems – things get done better with unified purpose

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