Why Envision

Why do restraining forces exist within the firm?  What do they represent?  Typically areas include Process, Lack of Management Information, System Integration and last but not least Culture.

The Envision workshop will provide the firm with a construct that will identify what is holding the firm back with regards to CRM, Business Development or indeed any other project that involves IT. Significantly its gets to Why this is all happening.

Envision - Align

Envision align is a workshop designed for senior executives and management conducted over a 1-2 day period and is highly recommended process of discovery and engagement before embarking on any platform implementation or change.

Envision - Highlights Day

Designed to introduce firms to the fundamentals of Envision - Align delivered in conjunction with key business partners, network associations or management away days.   

Key benefits

  • Understanding the client journey
  • Prioritising initiatives to drive the firm forward
  • Aligning strategies to organisation goals, mission and culture
  • Discovering the restraining forces within a firm
  • Classification of key areas that limit performance
  • Why restraining forces exist
  • Capability-to-execute assessment and indicator

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