Marketing Automation 

With stand-out appeal

In the last ten years, marketing has undergone amazing change. Now your prospects have wide ranging access to all kinds of data and channels to examine your firm before they ever contact you. They can and will explore your content and services, seek out social referrals, read reviews and dig into expert reviews.

So your firm needs the new tools and technologies to gain positive stand-out at the earliest opportunity.

Automatically intelligent

Our marketing automation solution gives you a broad but cohesive scope, taking in both outbound and inbound activities. It delivers intelligent workflows which are capable of nurturing prospective clients’ behaviour. Simultaneously, it will work to maintain and enhance your level of engagement with existing clients.

The crucial CRM connection

As ever, our integration mantra comes into play when it comes to discussing marketing automation. Our platform’s SEO, social media and Google analytics components are (naturally) neatly integrated with CRM.

Far smarter lead scoring

Email marketing, web analytics, landing page hosting, social marketing – Symphony’s automation solution pulls all these often disparate elements together as a comprehensive, cohesive array. More importantly, lead scoring is integrated with SymphonyCRM. This allows marketing and sales to dynamically adjust and refine messaging through a clear picture of each prospect or client’s behaviour.

The bottom line? SymphonyCRM and its marketing automation optimises how leads flow throughout the client lifecycle – from first contact through to achieving satisfied, well served and loyal clients.

Right place, right time, everytime

Our level of finely tuned marketing automation means you can identify the best possible way to engage with your prospects, and automatically link them to business development at precisely the right time.

Email tools and features

Email creation – all the design options and templates you need. Easily set up multi user accounts. Merge tags which allow you to add content dynamically. Draft email campaigns automatically created.

Email Management – sign up forms customised to your needs. Segmentation and grouping. Subscriber profiling and ‘similar subscriber’ mining.

Delivery – automated delivery. Geolocation facility to aid segmentation by region. Demographics prediction. Time zone defined delivery. Inbox previewing. RSS to email linkage.

Analytics – tools to allow testing of email variations for optimised results. Reports, comparative reports. Create and test different campaigns to discover the most effective approach.

Integrated marketing automation

The SymphonyCRM Act-On combination is a multi-faceted toolkit, with all you need to easily create strategic campaigns according to your rules for automatic deployment.

Lead nurturing – email campaigns which automatically deliver relevant content at just the right time – set up the campaign once, and let it run according to your specification.

Lead management – automated programmes which will score, sort, clean and distribute leads based on recipient behaviour. The best can be sent to CRM, while marketing can focus on the lower scoring leads.

Triggering – set your own triggers for automatic targeted actions when leads respond to your content or messaging.

Funnel reporting – allows you to observe and analyse leads as they develop through the funnel, and identify where and how conversion can be improved, or which campaigns are performing best.

Comprehensive online marketing engagement – all the tools, reports and analytics you need to ensure engagement is the best it can be, including a full engagement history for every contact:

  • Conversion funnels
  • Campaign reports
  • Prospect and client insights
  • Online presence measurement
  • Revenue impacts
  • Integrations with CRM

The key benefits

  • Intelligent linking of CRM and automated marketing deliver eye-catching stand-out in from the prospect’s perspective
  • Smarter workflows which nurture prospects and mine existing client relationships
  • A coherent array of SEO, social and Google analytics capabilities combines muscle with intelligence
  • Optimised lead scoring delivers highly focused and bespoke prospect approaches
  • Marketing and business development linked for the most productive possible strategies

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