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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We aim to see the whole picture, to understand the issues that are holding you back and build a coherent, comprehensive technology transformation strategy aligned to your business ambitions. Symphony – APS is the most experienced supplier of Practice Management, CRM, Integration and Automation solutions to accounting and legal firms in the UK, USA and Australia.

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Why Engage Symphony

Logical, clear, and incisive. We identify precisely what’s required in any change and why. This is how we make technology work to maximum advantage.


SymphonyCRM, Powered by SugarCRM, including specific industry modules. Winner of the CRM Software of the Year Award 2019. #DAF

Client Sense

Automatically joins the dots for you, providing you with the visibility you need to manage, protect and grow the relationships that drive revenue.

Practice Management

World-class enterprise practice management and business intelligence capability. Trusted by top 100 firms in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, USA, Australia and NZ.

Practice Portal

Provides key client data from multiple systems at the click of a button, allowing you to quickly recall the status and detail of every job and document, schedule tasks and activities across your teams, and identify further growth opportunities


About Symphony


"Symphony had a great understanding of our business and intimate knowledge of the key systems used within the practice. Therefore, they were able to provide a truly tailored solution. Their team’s willingness to work with the practice to arrive at outcomes tailored to our requirements and being prepared to start the process without having all the answers and then invest the time in finding them is second to none" - Adam Irwin, COO, Pitcher Partners - Sydney

Having solved the practice management requirements for leading accounting firms over many years we extended our expertise into CRM software solving accountants integration and automation demands. Moving from the historical representation of data to technology solutions that provide actionable insights, in real time, to enhance performance and growth has become a key focus.

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We are focused on top decision-makers from SME law firms across the UK providing solutions in relation to CRM, Client Sense and our Envision expertise.

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Envision creates a deeper understanding of your firm, its component parts and the truly unique business-critical issues that affect your success every single day. Envision will unearth your WHY.

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Why Engage Symphony

Logical, clear, and incisive. We identify precisely what’s required in any change and why. This is how we make technology work to maximum advantage.

Defining business needs

We analyse your business in forensic detail. Because when you’ve factually defined the issues in full, you can fully understand what changes must be made.

Bringing it together

We’re obsessively holistic about this. Implementing technology, aligning business processes, and dovetailing legacy systems with the whole – it all has to harmonise beautifully to achieve your goals.

Making it pay

Moving forward, we maintain the momentum, building on our partnership with you to develop new solutions that deliver ROI and support the changes and growth of your firm.

Results that keep on coming

We’ll get your CRM, processes and systems all aligned and future-ready. So every part of your business can be easily harnessed to deliver growth - and to enable change, not hinder it.

About Symphony

All bases covered

No two businesses are the same, each challenge is different. So we maintain a comprehensive ‘library’, from which we can mix and match the right elements to build your truly bespoke solution.

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    Powered by SugarCRM and adapted to meet the demands of the modern accounting firm. CRM Software of the Year 2019 - Digital Accountancy Awards

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    Client Sense

    Client Sense automatically joins the dots for you, providing you with the visibility you need to manage, protect and grow the relationships that drive revenue. Is it time to consider Client Sense as part of your client retention strategy?

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    Automation & Integration

    The business case around using APIs is already established – it’s understood and using them is desirable. Efficient synchronisation of master records and transaction data.

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    Practice Management

    Accounting Practice Management systems will continue to change and will continue to adapt in the 2020s. Trusted by top 100 accountancy firms in the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

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    Cloud Time Recording & Productivity

    Innovative time and productivity solutions for accounting firms.

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    Client Management

    It’s not about CRM in isolation. The real goal is to implement solutions that connect all business functions – The award-winning SymphonyCRM and Practice Portal deliver a range of choice for legal and accountant client management.

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Hear what they say

We have been working with Symphony-APS for over 11 years now. One of the reasons for that longevity is the relationship we have with them, the team at Symphony really take the time to understand the culture of our firm and make sure that the solutions fit in with that. Using that understanding and engaging with the firm means that we have been able to utilise their expertise to provide solutions that other providers just wouldn't have thought about.

Paul Desmond Saffery Champness

“Right from the outset, the Envision™ process allowed us to quickly establish what was important to the project and just as importantly, what was irrelevant. The process has proved a constant source of reference, ensuring we remain on track and deliver the outcomes most important to the practice.”

Adam Irwin
Adam Irwin Chief Operating Officer, Pitcher Partners - Sydney

Symphony - APS have been a supplier of Mazars for over 10 years, I personally have worked with them for the past 3 years and we have a strong, productive relationship. The Symphony team have worked with us on a number of strategic initiatives particularly regarding integration of systems. The most recent project, delivering an integration between our CRM solution and Practice Management, has helped us to reduce processing times and improve SLAs on production of matter codes. Their experience and understanding of our business, coupled with their knowledge of emerging technologies and how they can be applied to the challenges we face is of real benefit the firm and to me with the transformational objectives of my role.

Alison Clack
Alison Clack Director of Business Transformation, Mazars

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