Integration Automation

Giving Consultancy more client insight

CRM is like any other tool. If it makes life easier, does a great job and is simple to handle, people love to use it. Traditionally, CRM has struggled to achieve these goals for consulting firms, for a variety of reasons. So addressing and fixing these issues has become our passion at Symphony.

Integration, integration, integration…

At the outset it’s important to realise that CRM can’t operate to any useful degree in isolation, or on partial linkages. Integration – of the absolutely seamless variety – is the key. Symphony CRM is built from the ground up to integrate with all other relevant platforms, and that’s where its power lies for your consultancy.

Opportunity direct to the dashboard

Because Symphony CRM brings everything together intelligently, data is thoroughly interconnected between platforms; information interacts and produces new client journey insights. It enables data to remain up-to-date and helps other tools to work more effectively. From lead right through to established client, Symphony CRM works to bring new opportunities to the surface. They’re the kind of client-bespoke, creative interventions that build both your revenue and client loyalty.

CRM that changes perceptions

Another very crucial feature of Symphony CRM is its pure user-friendliness. It’s quite simply a pleasure to use. So once your teams experience it, they forget the negative connotations which have traditionally defined CRM. Suddenly your system is equated with strong business management, business development, revenue and profit growth. Symphony CRM becomes the first tool of choice for your teams.

Mobility built-in

Today mobile functionality can’t be just an add-on, it has to be a core strategy within the solution. And at Symphony we recognise that the mobile element of a platform has to be more than OK, it must be an app that employees love to use. So our solution has been developed and perfected through extensive user experience design, combining graphics and simplicity that make it a joy to work with.

Marketing automation for stand out

Today, a marketing automation platform needs to be integrated as a powerful analytic and action tool. Our automation solution gives marketing and sales dynamically adjusted messaging, driven by prospect and client behaviours.

Now prospective clients have wide ranging access to all kinds of data and channels to examine your firm before they ever contact you. They can and will explore your content and services, seek out social referrals, read reviews and dig into expert reviews. With Symphony, all the new tools and technologies your consultancy needs to stand out will be seamlessly integrated with CRM. From the very first contact, your firm can start to impress.

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