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The Human Face Of Crm Shaking Hands

The human face of CRM

​The ‘2020 Global Marketing Trends: Bringing authenticity to our digital age’​ report from Deloitte reveals overarching trends which all focus on 'placing the human at the forefront of digital environments'. We absolutely agree with putting the person first when it comes to managing client relationships which is why a CRM system should be considered at the heart of your operation. Why?

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Lead Nurturing Laptop

CRM and marketing automation for effective lead nurturing

​Having client relationship management​ (CRM) software aligned with marketing automation​ will see professional services firms manage referrals and prospects effectively through a comprehensive method of recording inbound and outbound communication. But what exactly does this entail?

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Crm Software Award Winner Blog

CRM software of the year award winners!

​We’re delighted to have won the CRM Software of the Year Award at this year’s Digital Accountancy Awards. These prestigious awards recognise both rising stars and established leaders among the institutions who make up the global accountancy profession.

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Crm For Accounting Computer

CRM for accounting firms

​​​Here, we’ve gathered together reasons why an accountancy practice should consider a fully integrated CRM platform for their firm to help them improve business development and client liaison through a connected flow of prospect and client information.

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Benefits Of Mobile Crm News

Advantages of mobile CRM

With an estimated 3.7 billion mobile phone users in the world*, considering a mobile CRM solution could help future proof your firm. Its use not only offers benefits to employees by giving them autonomy through personalised features, but also the business through increased productivity as a result of real-time access to information, and reconciliation and billing capability.

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Pwc Law Firms Technology

How embracing technology can help firms reap growth

​The PWC Law firms’ Survey 2018 identified that 63% are concerned with speed of technological changes and its threat to growth. This is one of the four areas, as a result of the survey, that PWC has flagged for law firms to think about to move forward and remain robust in changing times. Of course, this also applies to the accounting sector.

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Take A Holistic Approach Neuron

Take a holistic approach to implementing AI

With up to 85% of UK businesses said to be looking to invest in AI by 2020*​, can professional services firms afford not to be in the mix?

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Practice Portal  Email Image 1024X683

Price Bailey and Symphony reach a landmark agreement on Practice Portal

As of July 4, 2019, Symphony acquired the exclusive global rights to market, develop, deploy and support Practice Portal in the Accounting and Legal professions.

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Power Of Crm Cog Wheels

Power of CRM for the individual

​For professional services firms, to fully reap the benefits of CRM (client relationship management) for the entire client-facing organisation, those who use the system every day must actually want to use it. No matter how grand your plans are for the CRM tools you use, they will fall short unless every user is committed.

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Face 1 Lr

Symphony launches its first AI and the Future of Accountancy report

Senior figures from top UK and International accounting firms took part in our first AI and the Future of Accountancy report. There’s a lot of hype surrounding AI and we wanted to cut through the noise to get a real sense of what is happening in the industry. So, we embarked on this journey to gain a deeper understanding of the future requirements of AI within leading accountancy firms.

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Crm The Catalyst For Change Word Change

CRM and Envision - the catalyst for change

Through working with leading professional service firms, we’ve found that accounting​ and legal​ firms deal with numerous processes and application platforms which operate independently of each other with little or no integration. This leads to inefficient operations and higher costs.

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Lpm Report Insights Workflow Cog

Automation insights revealed in latest LPM report

The latest LPM (Legal Practice Management) report - ‘Legal IT Landscapes 2019’ – revealed the majority of respondents see risk and compliance alongside operations and administration were the support services that could benefit most from more automation. While the benefits of automating marketing and business development fell lower down in importance with only 11%.

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Sarah Trude Appointment

Exploring the ‘puck’ mindset

Sarah Trude, our Business Development Director, has an article featured in the April issue of Legal Practice Management where she talks about the ‘puck mindset’. What’s that do we hear you say? Well, it’s in relation to Wayne Gretzky, who is a Canadian former ice-hockey player, where he talks about “skating to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

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Data Silos 2

Breaking through the data silos

For a professional services firm to be effective, its business development, marketing and divisions responsible for client service delivery need to be linked. But, so often, we hear about the challenges of the team not being connected with relevant content that will allow them to benefit from opportune conversations.

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