Are you a strategic innovator?

With the global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Market expected to cross USD 81.9 billion by 2025*, is it time to consider CRM for your accountancy practice?

Strategic Innovators

As Bstar’s Accountants Research Report 2017/2018 indicates, the Strategic Innovators are ‘taking action, changing practice models and therefore well positioned for growth’. They are excited by growth opportunities and that’s synonymous with a CRM solution rather than a practice management system. The correct CRM platform helps make important integrations by linking business development and marketing with the finance and client management functions of the firm. To be clear we’re not saying ditch practice management, not at all. It’s all about your practice management being integrated with CRM so that it can make these subtle connections and enable information to flow in a manner that suits the end user. Link these core functions together and you improve processes.

Marketing automation

But it’s not just about the integration of Practice Management and CRM, introducing marketing automation alongside CRM allows for new efficiencies to be put in place. It also gives back some time to your team as automated responses can be set up and managed by workflows. It can manage outbound and inbound and boost engagement with current clients.

With the reported growth of CRM in the coming years, it makes sense to look at how this solution may help your firm to garner, maintain and develop current relationships sooner rather than later. This way you’re ahead of the competition. Are you the strategic innovators or the majority? As Bstar’s report puts it, ‘the majority are still hesitating, sceptical of the need to change, or concerned about the risk of failing.’

Overcome challenges with integration

We understand it’s a challenge for an accountancy practice to introduce a new system.

At Symphony, we work by creating a single data entry point. This neatly segues prospect and client information. Therefore, you have consistent and ease of access.

We’re here to help you navigate through the technology and solutions available today that will benefit your accountancy practice. Get in touch today to chat about CRM and any concerns you may have about integration of solutions.

Sources: *Research by Million Insights


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