Are you catering for millennials?

Millennials are the workforce of the future and born with tech in their hands. Nurturing their tech savvy skills is a must and offering the right package to attract and retain staff essential. With industry reports revealing that only 40% of millennials thinking that the digital capabilities of the firms where they work are currently up to the mark*, it makes sense to review your tech offering now to safeguard your business for the future.

Samsung’s in-depth report on the Next Mobile Economy has fascinating insight into the mindset of the millennials. One of our key takeaways, which we’ve talked about in previous blogs, is the importance of enabling the team to work remotely and part of this is ensuring employees are equipped with the ‘right tools for the job’.

Tech fit for the task

The Samsung report highlights a recent Harvard Business Review survey where 58% of respondents said their organisation’s technology offerings factored into a job candidate’s decision to take a role, while 51% said outdated and inadequate office technology hindered their ability to retain employees. Considering remote working, especially in an accounting firm, the mobile element of a platform therefore must be top notch and offers seamless connectively. Therefore, providing employees with an app that they love to use is an essential part of the tech offering these days.

Having a customisable app, such as Symphony’s mobile CRM app, provides a perfect solution for a mobile workforce. Personalisation is key and a proven way to encourage take-up. Filters, dashboards, dynamic search and favourites are features that enable users to set up their app in ways that best support their work and connections.

Key benefits of mobile CRM include access for every team member to contacts, clients, activities and data modules, but most importantly, it is tailored to your accountancy practice.

Digitisation and collaboration

Digitisation will help future proof businesses and that includes accountancy practices. Just look at the study from Oxford University from 2013 which said that 47 percent of all jobs are open to automation in the next two decades**. Millennials are your employees and customers of the near (and current) future. Employees will expect flexible working. So, laptops and mobiles are part of the course with technology that offers ease of use and uninterrupted working, catering for remote working, with a clear picture of current and up to date activity. Your firm will have something to learn from these younger employees, so think collaborative working and learning in conjunction with younger counterparts to help shape the future of your business.

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Sources: *Survey by INSEAD business school, part of the Samsung Next Mobile Economy report and **


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