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New research by Deloitte reveals that two-fifths of employees use a mobile device for work, yet 21% use no technology device at all for work tasks. The firm’s detailed report, ‘Mobile Readiness for Work’, also revealed that of the 32.3 million people in work in the UK, over half (51%) spend time away from a fixed location for their role. As a result, the company states that the potential for going mobile will narrow the productivity gap*.

For accountancy practices, we know that constant client engagement takes you away from your desk and out of the office for varying periods of time. Your client liaison is key to your businesses billing and reconciliation which is where a good accountancy CRM platform comes into its own. With the ability to update easily, data is certain to be current. But how does this work if you are out of the office for so long? This is where mobile connectivity comes to the fore. Working remotely using a mobile CRM platform to log activity ensures teams can be updated quickly and across devices.

One size does not fit all

Symphony’s mobile CRM and mobile timesheet solution will integrate into any practice management system and is easy to use whether you use tablets or mobile phones, iOS, Android or Windows. We understand that no two businesses are the same and require unique ways of working, this is the same for the mobile solution you choose, it needs to be tailored to your needs.

With reconciliation and billing accuracy crucial for an accountancy practice to meet targets and increase revenue growth, the introduction of mobile CRM to partners in a practice starts to make sense.

Seamless integration across devices

However, we understand concerns you may have about introducing a new system especially when it comes to reconciliation. We know that data must be seamless across devices – nothing can be broken. But, with the Deloitte research indicating that more than 5 million people in the UK are doubling-up on some tasks* for example forms may be completed then digitised, it makes sense to consider the mobile possibilities and how this could impact on your firm’s outputs.

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*Sources: Deloitte


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