Is email marketing enough?

All your clients at some point will have questions about a product that supports their business development. Whether that’s its capabilities; a concern about a system; or they may be unhappy with the outputs of the current solution with regards to growth and understanding opportunities happening in the business. This need of theirs develops before you are aware of what is going on. So how can you be one step ahead of your clients’ needs and the competition?

Evolution of marketing

With marketing evolving significantly in recent years, your customers have many more touchpoints to research a solution to their problem or concerns. From an internet search to social media channels, email marketing and advertising, the avenues to find out more are endless.

However, if your business is not reaching out to clients or potential business through a variety of channels then this generally only leaves email marketing with e-newsletters to your core database. While email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers and opportunities, with the marketing automation capabilities today you can integrate all channels such as social media and web analytics through to email marketing, so you don’t have to deal with the headache of multiple channels.

Why marketing automation?

While you can send emails en masse and track click throughs and open rates which give a very good indication of how well read and of interest your content is, marketing automation can deliver much more. Integrating marketing automation into your accountancy practice will allow the ability to build specific landing pages and web forms – making online content targeted and relevant to the reader.

Marketing automation gives you a broad but cohesive scope, monitoring both outbound and inbound activities. It delivers intelligent workflows that nurture prospective clients’ behaviour while helping to maintain and enhance your level of engagement with existing clients.

With marketing automation, you can align multiple channels efficiently. From SEO, Twitter and Google analytics through to Pay Per Click Campaigns and Google AdWords so that everything is under one roof and not in silo, therefore easily monitored and accessible. Using marketing automation software such as Act-On or Constant Contact mean that all analytics are in one place. This makes business development much more efficient and quality leads are nurtured.

Integration with CRM

Our SymphonyCRM integrates to leading marketing automation solutions optimising how leads flow throughout the client lifecycle – from first contact through to achieving satisfied, well served clients.

With marketing automation, email marketing, web analytics, landing page hosting, social media marketing are all pulled together for a comprehensive and unified view. With SymphonyCRM lead scoring is integrated allowing marketing and business development to adjust and refine messaging through a clear picture of each prospect or client’s behaviour.

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