CRM and Envision - the catalyst for change

Through working with leading professional service firms, we’ve found that accounting and legal firms deal with numerous processes and application platforms which operate independently of each other with little or no integration. This leads to inefficient operations and higher costs.

A key focus for us at Symphony is to demonstrate how CRM can go beyond the traditional context of serving business development and marketing. It’s our view that CRM for accounting and legal firms acts as a catalyst for change by absorbing outdated functionality in legacy systems and processes into a modern mobile platform that eliminates data silos.

Seeing the whole picture

We’re obsessively holistic about bringing everything together. Implementing technology, aligning business processes, and dovetailing legacy systems – it all has to harmonise beautifully to achieve your goals.

Our design methodology is logical, clear, and incisive. It identifies precisely what’s required to make things right and why. This ultimately makes your business technology work to maximum advantage.

The redistribution of data and process to a modern professional services CRM platform allows a firm to view client records in a holistic manner from the beginning of the client journey, as a lead, through to client management, allowing all members of the team to have a unified database resource of information.

Defining business needs

To make sure it all works we define your business needs. We analyse your business in forensic detail. Because when you’ve defined the issues in full, you can fully understand what changes must be made and why.

That’s why we work at early stages with our clients implementing the 8 Dimensions of Envision workshop process. Envision binds the project team with a common vision and helps them communicate with clarity and context to the rest of the business. This allows the project team to identify WHY the initiative to change exists and what the prime project goals and priorities are. The Envision workshop uses the prospect and client lifecycle management framework to create a facilitate a common focus and language within the project team.

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