CRM for accounting firms

Here, we’ve gathered together reasons why an accountancy practice should consider a fully integrated CRM platform for their firm to help them improve business development and client liaison through a connected flow of prospect and client information.

Manage referrals and prospects effectively

A good CRM for accounting firms needs to manage referrals, prospects and client relationships effectively. What it also needs to do is provide a coherent link between business development and marketing disciplines.

Integrate CRM with marketing automation

Our CRM for accountants integrates with popular marketing automation platforms such as Sugar Market, Act-On and MailChimp.

Finely tuned professional services marketing automation means you can identify the best possible way to engage with your prospects, and automatically link them to business development at the right time.

With email marketing for instance, automation is about creating and managing workflows that recognise the behaviour of a prospect or a client. Emails can then be scheduled overtime using relevant and personalised content.

Social media channels such as LinkedIn should be a key focus for lead generation and data management. As a social platform used prolifically by professional services firms, it’s important to leverage the relationships you have built on the platform.

Lead scoring for a unified view

Marketing automation allows the firm to unify all these marketing tools which would otherwise be segregated platforms. Adding, Google Analytics, SEO and other social platforms into the mix, you can begin to get a feel for how effective an integrated CRM and marketing automation solution for an accounting practice can be.

From experience, we know that some prospective clients will engage right now and others in their own time when they are ready. Therefore, a good lead scoring system watches for online signals that increase marketing’s ability to engage the prospect or client at the right time. Lead scoring is integrated with SymphonyCRM. This allows marketing and business development to adjust and refine messaging through a clear picture of each prospect or client’s behaviour.

Build a comprehensive strategy with Symphony

With just these few points considered, you can already see how automation and CRM integration can get a firm in front of prospects at the earliest opportunity. It’s a powerful combination that you can build comprehensive campaigns from that ensure efficiency firm-wide and ultimately lead to business growth.

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