Prepare employees for automation

The Voice of the Workforce in Europe report by Deloitte Insights reveals that 44% of workers in the UK said some of tasks they did five years ago have been automated and are now done by robots or software. And, 34% said that entire business processes relevant to their job had been automated over the past five years.

The report goes on to say how important it is to educate employees on how automation will have impact on their role. This is a key point to look at especially in relation to the legal and accounting sectors. Finely tuned marketing automation means you can identify the best possible way to engage with your prospects. It can automatically link them to the business development at the crucial time. Automation frees up time for employees to really nurture relationships with clients and prospects.

But coming back to the point from the report, you’ve got to keep your employees in the loop about what will be happening to ensure employee satisfaction, retention and understanding of the benefits of automation.

Why marketing automation for professional services?

Marketing automation gives you a broad but unified view. It delivers intelligent workflows that foster prospective clients’ behaviour. At the same time, it will work to maintain and enhance your level of engagement with existing clients.

Marketing automation aligns multiple channels efficiently. For example, our platform’s SEO, Twitter and Google analytics components are neatly integrated with CRM.

Find the right product and partner

To implement the right platform for your business you need to find the right partner. Work with a technology provider that implements Client Lifecycle Management (CLM). Don’t just opt for buying the product that you think is right. The technology partner needs to understand why you are where you are, and your unique set of challenges. This needs to happen before you can begin to know what it is you need to invest in. This insight you gain on what platforms to implement and why can then be shared with your employees for a truly integrated and holistic view.

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