Client Sense business development module launched

To mark the launch of the new Client Sense Business Development module, we caught up with our COO Phil Lowe and Steve Tyndall, CEO of Client Sense, to discuss how the software can enhance your new business opportunities and client retention capabilities.

Relationship management is key

In the video, Steve explains why the Business Development Module was created. He talks to Rob Brown about how the Business Development and Marketing teams, CEO and practice managers have historically had access to data information to help them win work and retain clients. However, there was still data available that was valuable to the lawyers and accountants - the relationship managers on the front-line.

As a result, the Client Sense Business Development portal was developed as a way for the relationship managers to be able to track the recency and frequency of their communication using a simple data-driven traffic light system. This allows visibility of when the last contact was made with key clients and means the relationship manager will be alerted when communication has surpassed the predefined time periods. For example, a relationship owner will see:

  • A green indicator next to their client if contact has been made within the target period;
  • An orange indicator next to their client if there has been no contact and the target deadline is approaching; and
  • A red indicator next to their client if the deadline has passed and there’s still no contact.

Client Sense is a crucial tool for any professional services firm as it allows the firm to see if relationships are being overlooked. Importantly, it allows the professional to focus their effort in the right place and at the right time.

Visibility to protect and grow relationships

With the Client Sense Business Development Module, gain visibility over each of the relationships being managed across the firm. Discover where they have or have not been maintained, allowing you to address any oversights promptly and proactively.

This is particularly relevant when teams are working from home. A firm can establish clear expectations, drive accountability and ensure that your team can focus on the most important contacts. The power of Client Sense is in its ability for the firm to quickly and easily:

  • Assign key contacts to relationship owners for accountability.
  • Set agreed contact thresholds for key contacts and monitor performance.
  • Assess recent client ‘drop offs’.
  • Track engagement with key prospects

Watch Rob Brown interview Phil Lowe and Steve Tyndall to discover the benefits of the Client Sense Business Development module and how all firms could immediately be in a better place by seeing what is happening firm wide.

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