How to nurture key client relationships

We recently shared our insights into how data can help an accounting firm win work and retain clients in the latest issue of PortrAIT, the publication of the AIT - the membership organisation for UK IT professionals working within accountancy.

In the May issue, our CEO Brian Coventry discussed how critical communication is, especially in these exceptional times.

He spoke about how important it is to provide help where it’s most needed at your client’s firm. However, you need to know who the best person in your business is to establish that connection. This is where real-time accurate data allows you to have empathetic conversations with the right person at the right time.

Data-driven lead nurturing

Leveraging accurate and real-time data presents a whole new range of opportunities to incorporate into your lead nurturing strategy.

Developed specifically for professional services firms, Client Sense provides a simple and a cost-effective solution for professional services firms of all sizes.

By leveraging existing data, Client Sense allows firms to quickly and easily enhance their client management and business development capabilities whilst improving client retention.

This is a software solution that can be installed quickly and remotely helping you automatically join the dots, providing you with the visibility you need to manage, protect and grow the key relationships that drive revenue.

Read the full article in PortrAIT.

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