Symphony announced as speaker at The Premium SA Accounting Event

The Premium Online SA Accounting Event (19-20 November 2020) is set to reveal practical and powerful success strategies for accountants around the world.

Our CEO, Brian Coventry, will be one of the 12 global speakers at this leading accountancy event.

The conference is formed of four core strategies including Technological Capital of which Brian will be speaking on the theme of CRM vs Relationship Intelligence (19 November at 2pm).

He will be covering the importance of relationship intelligence and why CRM (Client Relationship Management) systems struggle to cope with and maintain real-time data.

Delegates attending this session will gain insight and understanding into the components of CRM that work well and those that don’t. Attendees will discover how accounting relationship intelligence can complement and enhance an existing CRM platform.

Brian will explore the key elements of relationship intelligence to manage change, meet communication goals, avoid missed opportunities and maximise cross-sell opportunities.

This is a must attend talk for accountants to help manage, protect, and grow the relationships that drive revenue. You can book you place to attend here.

Strategic technologies

As a leading business partner for large to medium sized accounting firms in the UK, USA and Australia, we specialise in practice management, CRM and relationship intelligence solutions. Over the years we’ve developed deep holistic, cross-platform expertise, encompassing business critical, strategic and functionally rich industry leading technologies.

You may also be interested in watching our video series of Client Sense interviews for more insight into relationship intelligence.


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