Why use data-driven insight for your professional services firm?

As digital transformation in firms accelerates, we look at how a data-driven solution can provide professional services firms with essential relationship intelligence insight for business growth.

1. Transparency across your firm improves client engagement and retention

Business development and ongoing client engagement for improved client retention is key for a business growth strategy. However, as many more people work remotely, understanding who is talking to whom and when is vital for business development success.

With real-time communication information and 360-degree relationship mapping, Client Sense works silently behind the scenes. It collects data which helps you identify the health of relationships held by the firm, the potential opportunities and risks.

It’s this transparency across the firm that can help you and your team manage, protect and grow relationships that drive revenue.

2. Real-time data insight enhances relationship management

Now, more so than ever, as we adapt to the new ‘normal’ of remote working, what’s essential for a successful business development strategy is to be able to monitor, manage and report on client interaction.

Gaining real-time data visibility over each of the relationships being managed across the firm, ensures you can see where key relationships have or have not been maintained. This allows you to address any oversights promptly and proactively.

This is particularly relevant when teams are working from home. It allows you to establish clear expectations, drive accountability and ensure that your team can focus on the most important connections.

3. Build strong connections with the right clients and referrers

Managing key relationships is essential for business development. But how can you do this effectively with internal staff changes and external staff moves?

Identifying in advance where a staff change may impact an external relationship is crucial for maintaining your key relationships. Knowing the client, contact and referrer relationships held by a staff member and the related contacts with your firm allows you to see who is best to communicate the change to the client and who you should transition this client relationship to.

In assessing live communication across all of your client, contact and referrer relationships, Client Sense can detect a ‘drop’ or an absence of communication which may indicate that the key external contact is no longer available. With a contact ‘risk report’ automatically identifying external individuals who have become non-responsive, you can not only act to assess the situation, you can identify individuals that may be best placed to know what has happened and how to respond.

4. Protect revenue to grow your firm

Right now, there will be areas of your firm that might be struggling. Cross-servicing is about protecting revenue.

This is where a data-driven approach offers invaluable intelligence insight allowing your firm to identify the relationships held with one area that have not had contact with another area of specialisation within the firm. It allows you to identify cross-servicing opportunities. Track where introductions between groups have been made and then monitor the expansion of relationships across groups.

Data-driven business development

Gain real-time, data-driven, relationship intelligence visibility that you need to manage, protect and grow the relationships that drive revenue to improve the client experience.

If you’re looking to get your software application platforms working together to support your firm’s business development objectives, client retention and strategic goals, book a consultation to discuss Client Sense software today.

This legal and accountancy relationship intelligence software could be the solution to help you grow those key client relationships that drive revenue.

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