Collaborate for digital success

Research by PwC found that 84 percent of digital leaders “mandate collaboration and cross-functional work”. To do so, the business leaders who have embraced digital “provide the tools and leadership to make it happen”. This pre-covid-19 research offers insight for firms in search of a similar, successful path.

As we embrace the new year with its offering of a fresh start, there’s still time for professional services firms to get onboard the digital transformation journey.

Why collaborate?

This research reinforces the importance of a collaborative approach on so many levels.

On one hand it’s about working closely with employees, colleagues and different teams when looking at deploying new technology so that you can understand the dynamics within your firm and any restraining forces. However, it’s also about taking a collaborative approach as to the software solution you choose and opting for a partner firm that can provide you with the support you need for digital evolution.

Insight into your current data can help you to not only understand those restraining forces, but also highlight business opportunities within the firm. Close collaboration with colleagues can enable the ability to nurture your current clients and ensure client retention, as well as allowing you to see potential cross-sell opportunities.

However, even with the capabilities of a cloud-based service, a marketing team and business development team could have shared contacts that each department is unaware of. This is where opportunities can slip through the net.

Real-time data analytics

A solution such as Client Sense works silently behind the scenes providing real-time data analytics. It transforms external email analytics providing in depth insights into who is talking to whom from your firm. It will open doors to contacts that would otherwise go unnoticed.

It frees up time for relationship managers as you can swiftly see if a marketing team is already talking with a prospect that the business development team should know about. This can enable an easy introduction allowing your firm to take a proactive approach to client relationships.

Once installed on your server Client Sense integrates and connects seamlessly to your Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft 365 communication platform synchronising connections between your firm and external organisations. It tracks the recency and frequency of emails and meeting connections between your firm and external contacts.

Client Sense enables joined-up thinking. It’s a digital transformation tool that is simple to use, connects colleagues and protects revenue. Collaboration is at the heart of its functionality.

Time is of the essence

Within hours you accrue real-time data analytics. Following its remote installation, a brief training session for management is all that’s needed due to its intuitive, easy to analyse graphics. Client Sense requires no data input from you, or your partners and will still provide your firm with meaningful management information.

Relationship intelligence enhancing collaboration

Taking a collaborative approach will help your firm find the right technology solution and the right supplier to partner with. Working with a company that understands the nuances of your firm ensures support of your business growth strategy.

If you are interested in collaboration and discussing how you can enhance your firm's business development capabilities, please contact the team at Symphony for a Client Sense demo.

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