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Staff changes analysis ipad Relationship Intelligence

How to manage key staff changes and protect revenue

Ensuring that clients and referrers do not slip through the net and through your competition’s door is key to protecting revenue in a professional services firm. We have often talked about gaining visibility of communication to help you manage your key clients through staff transition. But how can this vital visibility be achieved, without impacting on employee’s time and your firm’s bottom line?

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Client Sense Zoom meeting Relationship Intelligence

Why relationships are the cornerstone of your data strategy

Last year escalated digital transformation within professional services firms. However, firms cannot become complacent and must remember what is at the core of the technology implemented that will drive growth.

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Portrait Dec cover

How to get strategic management information with no effort

In the December issue of PortrAIT magazine, we provide accounting firms with insight on how to obtain strategic management information with no effort.

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Remote worker using relationship intelligence Relationship Intelligence

Intuitive software for immediate data visibility

A recent survey indicates that 68% of US employees face at least one challenge with workplace software. This is one challenge too many for the remote workforce right now. One of the biggest challenges from the survey seems to be that technology is difficult to use thus hindering process. For professional services firms this could potentially impact client retention. Therefore, intuitive software with immediate visibility is of paramount importance.

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Relationship Intelligence analyse data Relationship Intelligence

How relationship intelligence gives perspective to complex networks

With remote working the norm and with digital transformation accelerating exponentially, let’s be clear about one thing, the value we place on data by no means negates the importance of key relationships held within your firm. Connections with clients is still the most valuable asset in your data.

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Accountex Virtual Summit Nov white border

Accountancy mid-tier firms - What's the goal in 2021?

Our CEO, Brian Coventry, will join the panel discussion at the upcoming Virtual Summit (25-26 November 2020). Following on from the successful inaugural summit in May, this exclusive 2-day event for accountants and financial professionals in both practice and industry, has over 79 speakers registered covering strategy, people, process and technology.

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Premium SA Accounting Logo White background

Symphony announced as speaker at The Premium SA Accounting Event

The Premium Online SA Accounting Event (19-20 November 2020) is set to reveal practical and powerful success strategies for accountants around the world. Our CEO, Brian Coventry, will be one of the 12 global speakers at this leading accountancy event.

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Client Sense image Relationship Intelligence

Symphony announced as preferred supplier for LawNet members

We’re delighted to have been chosen by LawNet as its new preferred supplier for its members. We’re proud to be able to introduce Client Sense to its members.

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Remote working Video conference Relationship Intelligence

Identify opportunities and risks when working remotely

When it comes to business growth opportunities, you need to strike while the iron is hot. But, with teams working remotely could the dreaded data silos return to damage what you’ve worked so hard to eliminate in your firm? In these uncertain times, with daily twists and turns, knowing what the opportunities and risks are across your firm are vital for growth and revenue protection.

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Managing depatures Client Sense Man with laptop Relationship Intelligence

How to manage client relationships during departure and successions

With employees spending many hours and years forging strong relationships with clients, a suitable successor is going to be crucial to manage key relationships successfully during transition and into the future. So, wouldn’t it be ideal to know who, within the firm, would be the best candidate you should transition this client relationship to for seamless service?

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Emerge Conference Accounting logo

Relationship intelligence insight at AAM Emerge Conference 12-13 August

Our CEO Brian Coventry will be a speaker at the Emerge Virtual Conference by the Association for Accounting Marketing (12-13 August, 11am-2pm (ET) daily). Join Brian’s session to discover how relationship intelligence can complement and enhance an existing CRM platform.

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Growth opportunities for Professional Services Relationship Intelligence

Growth opportunities for professional services firms

Relying on busy professionals to manually enter ongoing client interactions, communication and meeting information, has traditionally meant that client care initiatives have simply not had the data or visibility required to support them. Yet, it’s this visibility of communication that can help professional services firms not only maintain revenue but increase it.

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Virtual meeting improving client retention Relationship Intelligence

3 steps to improve client retention and increase revenue

Your commitment to clients and the longevity of these relationships is the lifeblood of any professional services firm, but how can you perform more strategically to not only maintain revenue but increase it?

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Client Sense image Relationship Intelligence

Client Sense business development module launched

To mark the launch of the new Client Sense Business Development module, we caught up with our COO Phil Lowe and Steve Tyndall, CEO of Client Sense, to discuss how the software can enhance your new business opportunities and client retention capabilities.

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