Practice Management & CRM Integrated

Keeping client relationships healthy for Business Advisory firms

Business advisory firms clearly vary a great deal in their character and specialisms, but one thing is common to all – the need to foster, maintain and develop client relationships.

Our CRM solution performs a key role in the process, making constant updating of CRM easy and meeting the challenge of ensuring that teams keep data current.

Opportunity knocks, but who’s listening?

Here’s a stark reality: research from Bstar in Australia suggests two types of accounting firms : Strategic Innovators - these are practices excited by growth opportunities, are taking action, changing their practice model and are well positioned to grow. The Majority - these are practices still hesitating, sceptial of the need to change, or concerned about the risk of failing.

Symphony CRM makes more connections

It’s not simply about linking names to organisations. When Symphony integrates CRM with practice management, the ‘who’ is combined with what, when, why and how, making subtle connections, keeping data current, highlighting even not-so-obvious opportunities as they evolve. It will build leads from LinkedIn, informing with data from Outlook and cloud solutions such as Dun & Bradstreet and Fame.

Mobility as necessity

We don’t see mobile functionality as an add-on. With users often away from the office and their desktop, every business platform must include a core mobile strategy to be worthwhile. And at Symphony we recognise that the mobile element of a platform has to be more than OK, it must be an app that employees love to use. So our solution has been developed and perfected through extensive user experience design, combining graphics and simplicity that make it a joy to work with.

Marketing automation with intelligence

Today, a marketing automation platform needs to be integrated as a powerful analytic and action tool. Our automation solution gives marketing and sales dynamically adjusted messaging, driven by prospect and client behaviours.

In the last ten years, marketing has undergone amazing change. Now prospective clients have wide ranging access to all kinds of data and channels to examine your firm before they ever contact you. They can and will explore your content and services, seek out social referrals, read reviews and dig into expert reviews. With Symphony, all the new tools and technologies your practice needs to stand out will be seamlessly integrated with CRM. From the very first contact, your firm can start to impress.

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