Client On-Boarding

Solving the client take-on, AML, risk assessment conundrum with SymphonyCRM and Engagement Centre

CRM - Know Your Client

When you unpack the client take-on process you identify four forces:-

  • The client wants the firm to start work immediately once they have given the go-ahead.
  • The Government wants the firm to carry out a series of regulatory compliance checks.
  • The firm wants to understand the risk of working with the client on the service.
  • Everybody wants the process to be as cost-effective as possible.

Enter SymphonyCRM, a fully integrated software platform for legal and accountancy firms that ensures processes and rules are adhered to. While a client take-on module offers robust automation between internal and external systems.

The Benefits of Client On-Boarding from Symphony


Incorporate the AML, KYC and Risk assessment rules that the firm has for client take-on


Integrate into CRM and Practice Management platforms. Control the electronic creation of clients records in multiple systems.

External Data

Access external data sources to collect verification data via set rules and gateways.


Start the Client take-on process as early as possible when opportunities are created in the CRM

Engagement Centre

The core module of SymphonyCRM (powered by SugarCRM)

The Problem

  • Client take-on checks are not taken or are commenced long after work starts creating regulatory risk.
  • The monitoring systems that are used are frequently based in spreadsheets and are not connected to the CRM platform.
  • Rule and processes are not followed and audited for correct compliance.
  • A fee is created for a client without the client take-on process having been finished.
  • The firm cannot provide evidence of a sound system in place that is managing client take-on processes when audited external parties.

The Solution

  • The firm cannot provide evidence of a sound system in place that is managing client take-on processes when audited external parties.
  • Ensuring that as much of the data gathering work is happening through the life of the business development process.
  • Using technology to ensure that the processes and rules are followed and cannot be circumvented.
  • Ensuring that as part of each process step or rule there are preset gateways to external sources that allow access to data that satisfy the checks being made.
  • Having a client take-on module that has tight automation between internal and external systems.
  • A system that recognises that each firm will have their own specific requirements.



Find Out More

Find Out More

AI and the future of Accountancy


Symphony solutions to solve this

Engagement Centre

A core module of SymphonyCRM that manages the client take-on process. Rules and Gateways encapsulate the rules of the firm.


Together with the Engagement Centre module SymphonyCRM (powered by SugarCRM) manages the integration to Opportunities and also the Practice Management platforms

Advance PM

Advance PM has an integrated project module that manages the AML requirements of the firm.

Integrated with

  • SymphonyCRM

  • Advance PM

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