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AI Survey Results Report

In relation to AI there is a lot of hype in this area and we wanted to cut through that to get a sense of what is really happening. Our report is a must have read for accountancy firms to gain insight into the role of AI in the future of accounting.

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Mazars Saves Over 2,000 Hours Annually

In the case of Mazars, one of the largest accounting firms in the UK, they have improved their efficiency to the tune of 2,000 recovered hours by eliminating repetitive data entry after deploying Sugar.

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A Holistic Approach For Increased Visibility Of Opportunities

With over 250 staff Pitcher Partners Sydney turned to Symphony APS to help them gain greater visibility of the opportunities being pursued in the practice. Find out how we helped Pitcher partners Sydney in our downloadable case study

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Practice Portal

Practice Portal Brochure

When you manage complex data and critical tasks for a whole range of clients, being able to find the right information fast is a powerful advantage. Practice Portal empowers your practice to do just that, and it’s already changing the way accountancy firms work, right across the UK

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Envision Brochure

Moving from the old, familiar, and often unsuccessful paradigm of platform selection to a new, insightful, driver focused paradigm involves the balance between the strategic, operational, technology and process dimensions within a firm. Learn how Envision can assist with you firms transition.

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SymConnect Brochure

We should start with the idea that the business case around using APIs is already established – it’s understood and using them is desirable. When deployed correctly, they allow for the efficient synchronization of master records and transaction data. Find out more in our SymConnect Brochure.

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Getting Ready For GDPR

Take an in-depth look at some of the requirements of GDPR in the context of a CRM system. It examines important capabilities the system must provide to support GDPR compliance around capturing data and processing.

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Aggregation Power

We have recently secured a major deal to license, develop and support a product that is taking the accountancy sector by storm – it’s called Practice Portal.

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Pucks, Problems and Partnerships

Looking at your business performance from the ‘outside in’ was a key theme. What does the modern client want from you, and how can you deliver this?

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Lpm Sarah

What's The Bacon?

When it comes to a good old fashioned breakfast, views are very mixed.

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