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The right technology applied in the right ways can transform how professional services firms perform – that’s our belief, and here are some useful materials on our favourite subject.

Putting The I In Crm

Putting the i in CRM

CRM for many firms remains a ‘sleeping giant’, an unwieldy, poorly connected and sometimes dysfunctional system that appears to belong to the past. ‘Putting the i in CRM’ shows how it’s well worth waking the giant.

Based on many years of bringing CRM’s potential to life for Accountants, Lawyers and Professional Services firms, this ebook explores all the issues, practicalities and opportunities surrounding CRM in the 21st century.

The Case For Synchronisation

The Case for Synchronisation

Even the best CRM platform or practice management system won’t benefit your firm unless they comprehensively connect all business functions and truly improve processes.

In clearly stating the case for synchronisation, this book highlights what needs to be done, the how and why, and the many benefits which come with getting everything working in digital harmony for your firm.

What Lies Beyond Crm

What Lies Beyond CRM

Good technologies don’t stand still. The trick is to put your firm in a position to fully exploit the best platforms now, and to be equipped to move smoothly forward with technology as the future unfolds.

This ebook covers all you need to be aware of to maximise the potentials of CRM. The holistic, systems harmonisation that leads to getting your firm’s systems and processes aligned, productive and future-ready. 

Crm For The Back Office

CRM for the Back Office

This ebook defines how CRM’s transformation potential can extend to the practicalities involved in back office functions.

It covers how client access automation, epayment, query handling, data export, cloud-basing and a host of other processes can be optimised. The ‘cost to serve’ savings alone make this an essential read for anyone with responsibility for back office operations.

Managing The Client Journey B2B Success

Managing the Client journey B2B Success

This is a ‘how-to’ guide to achieving stand out through being head and shoulders above the ‘me too’ competition.

The narrative focuses on how integrated systems and data will reveal highly bespoke prospect and client insights, the kind that enable you to make the ideal approach at just the right time. This is client relationship building at its most effective.


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