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Harmonising marketing and sales for business development

Having your marketing team and sales operating more or less independently of each other is obviously not the best business development strategy. But for a variety of reasons this separation can often become the status quo in many accountancy practices.

Comprehensively aligning and integrating marketing and sales is what serves business development best – and that is a core function of Symphony CRM. With our solution bringing it all together, marketing can feed in opportunities identified by buyer behaviour, and introduce partners into the sales process at the optimum time.

The timing is important. Partners are not necessarily equipped with business development skills; their time is too valuable to waste on nurturing opportunities from first contact to conversion. Their intervention at precisely the right point means their skills are used to best effect, and they’re left free to support and grow existing business relationships for the majority of their time.

Making the most of every opportunity

Symphony CRM incorporates an opportunity management function to help fulfil your firm’s growth plans. Crucially, it also allows close tracking of the cost of acquiring new business revenue, keeping you fully informed and in a position to accurately assess business development performance.

A perfectly measured approach

Performance measurement with Symphony CRM allows you to:

  • Value the pipeline and its quality
  • Assess the timing of the pipeline and the impact on future profits and cash flow
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the business development team to gain new business
  • Identify the cost of acquiring new business revenue

Client intelligence - smarter ways to engage with clients

The ideal? To be constantly equipped to spot opportunities as they arise, and sell in the corresponding service or product with perfect timing. Symphony CRM enables this by aggregating data from every useful source, to highlight and open windows of opportunity. At the same time, the system and its processes support higher levels of client engagement, so your opportunity conversations with key clients have real relevance and value to them.

Symphony CRM will even contribute to creating and delivering targeted messaging to highlight your practice’s new opportunities to existing clients.

Practice management - handling risk and compliance

Symphony practice management is proven in accountancy firms as a dependable means to ensure due diligence has been carried out before accepting new engagements. It comprehensively takes care of vital risk minimisation and following correct procedures, before new billing records are created in the practice management system. A risk and money laundering system is fully integrated allowing your firm to take the step between winning an opportunity and practice management with confidence and certainty.

Integral mobility

Mobility is no mere add-on with Symphony, it’s a core feature of our CRM and Practice Management solutions, linking to all its integrated systems. It assures easy, dependable and secure access from mobile devices, so that data changes and additions can be made instantaneously to CRM and practice management as well as capturing that all important chargeable time.

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