The modern accounting firm will not benefit by deploying a CRM or Practice Management system alone. It takes much more than simply having the technology at your fingertips to make such platforms successful. In fact, over 70% of CRM roll-outs in Europe fail to meet objectives according to D&B…yes, FAIL!

The challenge is to implement solutions that connect all business functions and improve business processes. Creating a single data entry point and integrated flow for prospect and client information, is a key driver for improving business development and client service delivery.

Today accounting firms discuss platforms that spread beyond SQL Server practice management systems. They require platforms that integrate marketing automation, referral management, opportunity management, client on-boarding, with ETL processes that update multiple business systems such as HR, document management, expense management, performance management, client relationship management leading to higher client engagement supported by a mindset of continuous improvement. We call this Client Lifecycle Management and this forms part of our vision for the top 100 accounting firms. At Symphony we believe that your business partner must be skilled in both technology platform selection and, vitally, client lifecycle management.

We see it time and again. When a firm’s systems are truly integrated – CRM, legacy systems, various platforms – and when access is easy to data from across the organisation, your people have the means and freedom to build their all-important client relationships.

The technology partner you work with needs to be able to truly understand why you are where you are, and your unique challenges, before you can begin to know what it is you need to invest in. Simply being an accounting firm does not make you the same as all other accounting firms.

Step up Symphony - APS and the 8 Dimensions of Envision. Envision creates a deeper understanding of your firm, it’s component parts and the truly unique business critical issues that affect your success every single day. Envision will unearth your WHY.

The 8 Dimensions of Envision, fundamental to the technology selection process, will help you clearly define your internal WHY. It’s that simple.

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