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Our integration database – SymConnect defines which solutions are integrated with what, the framework to be held and the integration rules to be applied. If a system can be described as obsessively organised, SymConnect is it.

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Here we drill down to the benefits of automation and integration for legal and accountancy practices.

Link business functions

If your professional service firm is to maximise its ability to succeed, a CRM or a practice management system alone will not be anywhere near enough to enable that ambition. The key is to implement solutions which effectively link business functions, to improve existing performance and allow new business processes to be easily added.

Our approach

We start by creating a single data entry point with a smoothly integrated flow for prospect and client information. This delivers easy access and consistency of input – nothing is missed, the relevant intelligence is readily available, and everything is logically organised. Compliance processes are also comprehensively supported. The whole Symphony approach to integration is centred on a ‘safe’ and ‘open’ strategy. Client risk mitigation is written-in to the whole process.

Transforming data’s ability to drive business

We have made transformational integration a reality for many professional services firms. With Symphony’s help, you too can greatly reduce or eliminate entirely the kinds of delays and inefficiencies which can occur when adding new clients or new client engagements. Through robustly integrating the CRM solution with all other relevant systems, client data is repurposed, its potential is enhanced, its quality is maximised.

Maintain automated processes

In addition to SymConnect, our business process automation solution, SymphonyBPA, allows you to create, operate and maintain automated processes. It links people, systems and data through acquiring, managing and distributing information. Today, so many more of a firm’s team are in contact with clients. Having many members of your team in client-facing roles is great, just so long as everyone’s working from the same page. Effective integration of business systems such as CRM and practice management means each individual is equipped to do the best job possible; delivering a consistent and standard approach.

Clients love you for it

Integration is therefore a key factor supporting client satisfaction, retention and gaining new opportunities. It’s how anyone who interacts with your clients can add tangible value to the relationship, by increasing service levels and making relevant inputs the client appreciates as useful and bespoke to them.

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The key benefits

  • Unified systems working smarter gives your team agility and client insight
  • Single data entry point and integrated flow enhances client service ability
  • Simplifies and speeds up entering client and prospect data
  • Simple, effective user experience of integrated systems encourages system take-up by your team

New business intake

Electronically connecting winning an opportunity, money laundering, risk assessment, know your client processes and establishing job records that flows efficiently and consistently.


Implementation of master data management and automation of key business processes. Promoting data consistency and accuracy

Reducing data silos

Investing in a platform that eliminates isolated databases and spreadsheets into an extensible solution that has a common UX and flow.


Reducing inefficiency, cost and risk

Recent surveys showed that on average, organisations believe inaccurate data has a direct affect on their bottom line.


  • SymphonyCRM & Box

  • SymphonyCRM & SharePoint

  • Advance PM & Virtual Cabinet

  • Advance PM & Sage 50

  • Advance PM & Access

  • Advance PM & Dynamics

  • Advance PM & Kypera

  • SymphonyCRM & Advance PM

  • SymphonyCRM & Outlook

  • TimeCapcha & Advance PM

  • Advance PM & SymphonyFRM

  • SymphonyCRM & PowerPM

  • SymphonyCRM & Xero

    Q3 2017

  • SymphonyCRM & QBO

    Q3 2017

  • Success Factors & Advance PM

  • Xpressdox & Advance PM

  • Fame & SymphonyCRM

  • LinkedIn & SymphonyCRM

  • SymphonyCRM & Act-On

  • SymphonyCRM & MailChimp

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