Client Engagement

With a CRM platform fully integrated with all your relevant systems and data; it will manage and create insight. It will highlight new potentials in terms of initiatives you can take; it opens up new opportunities.

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Why consider a fully integrated CRM platform for your legal or accountancy practice?

Rethinking the ways you enhance client relationships

For most professional services firms, the client relationship is what matters most. It underpins recurring revenues and delivers the most accessible opportunities. So, you have to take very good care of your client interactions.

What’s more, as traditional services are becoming similar, your ability to differentiate your offer becomes ever more crucial to winning new business. Your approach has to stand out from the legions of ‘me too’ firms.

Enjoy the new view

Service line innovation is basically a means of seeing the client journey from new and inventive angles, and responding to the client’s needs with innovative ideas and perspectives.

Client specific innovation

As all the data and insight is based on the specific client’s journey, our solution can help generate highly bespoke interactions as you offer insight and suggestions relevant to the client. Consequently, your client becomes more engaged with your firm, and retaining their business becomes easier.

Innovate to accumulate

We research solutions that truly implant innovation into your firm that promote higher levels of client engagement. Your resulting advisory services will be fine-tuned to each client’s business, helping to consolidate your client relationships and increase your revenues. Symphony's Boardroom Excellence, for example, is a platform specifically designed to help manage client relationships, advisory and compliance matters in the cloud. Which means that firms can embed themselves at the heart of their client’s decision-making process.

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The Key Benefits

  • Integrating CRM, other systems and data allow new insights into the client journey
  • New perspectives from innovative data collaboration lead to new valuable interventions
  • Facilitates inventive pro-active service to customers
  • Supporting bespoke services for each client
  • Supports client relationship building
  • Helps reveal new opportunity pipelines


Not an immutable law of nature but very important that platforms allow a firm to grasp those clients that require the right focus and attention.

Client Journey

Clients are constantly changing the way they make decisions as well as when and how they contact their advisor. Knowing your blind spots and maximising the right touch points is critical.

Strategic Consulting

Enabling clients to plan and implement solutions to help companies develop more efficient business practices and increase the company's profit margin.

Performance Management

Management reporting and financial analysis tools, which help assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities with be critical for enhancing client relationships.


Increasing wallet share and client retention

Organisations experience more success with CRM programs and direct marketing when they embrace Client Experience Management as an extension of their current client centric programs.

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