Creating a digital platform

The overall scope of a CLM implementation should encompass all departments of any ambitious professional services firm, which generally brings all sources of static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value added services to a unified decision supporting platform through iterative phases of client acquisition, retention, cross and up-selling, and even client win-back.

The CLM platform needs to be agile to respond to emerging demands. Historically many firms have found that the systems and platforms they have invested in have created islands of information that prevent a unified view of a client and prospect data.

Comprehensively aligning and integrating marketing, business development, client take-on, finance (practice management), and client service disciplines through a single consistent user experience is a fundamental goal for the modern legal or accounting firm. Focused on eight key dimensions of thought our approach to CLM delivers :-

  • Relationship intelligence
  • Client sentiment & behaviour
  • Specific modules for legal and accounting firms
  • Accountability & planning
  • Connecting data silos
  • Focused, integrated, practice management platform
  • Centralised client view
  • Actionable insights


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