It is widely accepted that the overall scope of a Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) implementation should encompass all departments of a law firm, which generally brings all sources of static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value-added services to a unified decision supporting platform through iterative phases of client acquisition, retention, cross and up-selling, and even client win-back.

So far so good, most suppliers you will talk to will meet most of the above criteria.

The CLM platform also needs to be agile and provide a unified view of client and prospect data.

Once you dig a little deeper this requirement may start to thin the field a little, but still many will be able to deliver elements of this.

The technology partner you work with needs to be able to truly understand why you are where you are, and your unique challenges, before you can begin to know what it is you need to invest in. Simply being a law firm does not make you the same as all other law firms.

Step up Symphony - APS and the 8 Dimensions of Envision. Envision creates a deeper understanding of your firm, it’s component parts and the truly unique business critical issues that affect your success every single day. Envision will unearth your WHY.

So why is your WHY so vital?

SOLID, which stands for Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption, is already well established in the US and was held here in the UK for the first time in November 2018. Caroline Hill, published the following on

“If I had to draw one conclusion from a very diverse range of talks, it would be that forward thinking in-house legal teams are waking up to the need to analyse exactly what it is they do, before they invest money in technology…in order to become more efficient and automate your processes, you need to know what those processes are. It’s a no brainer, but something that is not being replicated across the industry, including by law firms.

…asking ‘why’ you’re doing something is a precursor to everything."

The 8 Dimensions of Envision, fundamental to the technology selection process, will help you clearly define your internal WHY. It’s that simple.

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