Mobile CRM

Benefits for those on the move

The key to Symphony’s mobile connectivity is the fact that it’s easy to use and attractive to users. Whether you employ tablets or mobile phones, iOS or Android, we can ensure your people can connect seamlessly and quickly every time.

More than merely functional

We know through experience that the mobile element of a platform has to be more than OK, it must be an app that employees love to use. Our solution has been developed and perfected through extensive user experience, combining graphics and simplicity that make it a joy to work with.

The result is easy mobile access to SymphonyCRM that everyone wants to use.

Bespoke to your needs

Symphony’s mobile CRM app is customisable. We take the view that because every firm has its own unique ways of working, its mobility solution must be tailored to specific needs to deliver its maximum potential.

At the same time, our mobile solution is aligned with the latest mobile developments, so all the most advanced functionalities are available to your users now and in the future.

Fast, efficient contact

We’ve taken a lot of time over making our app totally user-focused. Its functionality is familiar and intuitive; there’s no learning curve that can discourage take up across your busy teams. Above all it’s fast, users get what they need in your CRM as soon as possible, and their productivity is readily supported wherever they may be. Prospects, clients, activities, opportunities and the firm’s data modules – we enable easy mobile access to essential data, so your people can always remain connected with prospects, key business associates, clients and the rest of your firm.

Personal touches

The app allows for personalisation, which is another proven way to encourage take-up and ongoing use across your teams. Filters, dashboards, dynamic search, favourites – they’re features that enable users to set up their app in ways that best support their work and connections.

All you need, always there

The SymphonyCRM mobile app allows users to sync information and records so their key data is always available even off line. Again, it’s one more way that our mobile solution supports both smarter working overall and individual preferences, keeping your people engaged with the client journey in the ways that suit them best.

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The key benefits

  • Easy CRM mobile access for every team member to contacts, clients, activities and data modules specific to your firm
  • A custom solution aligned with your firm’s ways of working and individual preference
  • Fast, easy and intuitive operation for tablets or phones, iPads, iOS, or Android
  • Equipped to exploit the latest mobile functionality, enabled to utilise future mobile developments
  • Ability to sync with user’s essential data for off line access
  • Designed through user-experience techniques to assure enthusiastic take-up across your teams

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