CRM will do more than you can imagine

We work with many leading professional services firms, and more often than not we find that their processes and application platforms operate more or less independently of each other. It’s this lack of effective integration that inevitably causes inefficient ways of working and higher costs.

The commonest pain point we encounter is simply one of human nature. If a tool is hard to handle, none-too effective and basically not fit for purpose, it doesn’t get used. This is how CRM is for so many organisations.

CRM has to be holistic

For Symphony, the key to resolving this situation is holistically applied CRM. We’ve found that if CRM embraces more than just the usual areas of business development and marketing, it can be an incredibly powerful catalyst for change., It has the capacity to absorb outdated functionality in legacy systems and processes, and enables the creation of a modern ‘joined-up’ mobile platform that eliminates data silos.

Serve clients better, smarter

We’ll put you in a place where your CRM gives a fuller view your clients’ needs, maximises your service and increases your capacity to do good things for them – faster and with more efficacy.

Redistributing data and processes to a modern CRM platform allows you to see the whole client picture. From the initial lead through to client management, everyone on your team has ready access to a unified database resource of information.

The pay-off is much improved client satisfaction. Your relevant and useful interactions affirm for your clients that they’re valued individuals, and that their unique needs are being met fully.

Gain more flexibility

Symphony CRM is the industry’s most customizable platform based on open technologies. It’s no off-the-shelf solution that you must adapt to; with the broadest range of deployment options, Symphony CRM fits your requirements to the letter.

Gain more business

Symphony CRM keeps your people up-to-speed with new insights, automatically making useful cross references to inform your offer’s relevance to new contacts, and boosting cross-selling opportunities in your existing portfolio.

With Symphony, CRM is a game-changer

Co-ordinating data and processes within a modern CRM platform is transformational. The whole client journey is easily accessible to all your team – from lead stage through winning the business to ongoing client management. The database is unified, it’s up to date, and everyone is keen to use it.

The key benefits

  • Effective and responsive client engagement helps consolidate and grow existing business
  • Data accessibility and insights lead to more ‘opportunity conversations’
  • Data is disseminated network-wide – data silos are broken down
  • Dependable, easy mobile access delivers maximum productivity from your teams
  • Everyone has the up to date information they need at their fingertips to do a better job, more easily
  • Symphony’s solution is perfectly tailored to your needs
  • Intrinsic ease of use invites enthusiastic take-up across your teams
  • Costs are completely transparent from Day One and moving forward

Tax, Accounting, Audit

Creating connections to on premises data for valuable insights to the client asset. Integration facilitating an 80/20 view.

Document Management

Next generation document management solutions are cloud based and allow for higher levels of collaboration with CLM and CRM platforms using modern integration methods.

Outlook & Office

Empowering productivity for the desktop Office 365 reduces time and cost for IT and end users and embraces the benefits to be had in cloud collaboration and mobility.

External Data Sources

Blending external data and information with internal sources creates superior insight when researching potential clients or manging existing ones.


Client satisfaction

The perceived quality of a product or service weighs heavily on client satisfaction. It’s the difference between what is expected and what is delivered.

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