Centralised Management of Business Opportunity

From automating your CRM to closing opportunities faster, SymphonyCRM is adaptable to any sales process or methodology. You can quickly build pipelines that make sense of your services, audiences, or client personas.

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Here we give insight into why CRM will benefit your business opportunities.

Design your sales process

SymphonyCRM is adaptable to any sales process or methodology. Firms can quickly build pipelines for your services, audiences, or client personas. Each pipeline consists of multiple “stages,” making it easy to visualise the progress of an opportunity. By moving an opportunity to the next stage, SymphonyCRM can launch an activity set (a group of stage-specific tasks and events), ensuring your employees are working on what matters most. Your business development team can then send bulk email, create their own personalised templates, and view past correspondence without ever leaving SymphonyCRM.

Close opportunities faster

Get more opportunities through your pipeline by harnessing SymphonyCRM’s productivity features. Opportunities can be linked to other SymphonyCRM records, such as tasks, team members, clients, organisations, leads, events, notes, and emails. SymphonyCRM integrates with the industry’s top document systems, offering rapid access to your files in the cloud, too.

Enable task reminders and notifications for added accountability on important deals. Task reminders send email alerts to assignees as due dates approach. Notifications push opportunity-specific updates to your inbox as things change.

Automate your CRM

Realise greater ROI from your business development function with workflow automation. SymphonyCRM can automatically send emails and notifications, update opportunity probabilities, assign tasks, and do countless other things on your behalf. Just tell SymphonyCRM what to monitor, and the tool takes action each time your conditions are met.

Combining workflows with activity sets offers maximum efficiency, triggering batches of fully automated and semi-automated actions.

Report on the past, present, and future

You need timely and accurate data to make informed business decisions. SymphonyCRM lets you slice and dice your opportunities every way imaginable. Try our prebuilt pipeline reports – or build your own. Drag, drop, and filter based on what you need, when you need it. Flexible date ranges allow you to see into the future without overlooking the past and present. Save, export, email, or print your reports in seconds.

SymphonyCRM can also build charts and graphs on the fly, helping you to see the big picture. Bypass the spreadsheets, and let SymphonyCRM model your data with a few clicks. Choose from a variety of chart types, including bar graphs, pie charts, and funnels.

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Moving from the ad-hoc maybe chaotic methods of recoding opportunities to that which holds a state of managed and adaptive.

Pipeline & Forecasts



Clarity and Accountability

Predicting demand is significant, but it's also often the least understood. At a high level, the best practices in pipeline forecasting come down removing bias and subjectivity and using a time-series of past actual to determine the future.

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