Practice Management

Software with measurable benefits

By implementing streamlined engagement processes right the way through to billing, by de-duplicating effort and eradicating time wasted in many areas of administration, genuine cost savings are achieved.

We will work with your existing practice management solution even though we are renowned for Advance Practice Management as a leading comprehensive, highly tailor-able solution that drives both your productivity and profitability.

Workflow is central

Workflow must be at the heart of every practice management platform, unlike other solutions which position it as an additional module. Quality outcomes are powered by accurate budgeting and the ability to set realistic expectations with clients. Detailed job management – job tracking and allocation tools give you a complete picture, and the ability to set multiple ‘milestones’ for teams or individuals to increase productivity.

Time and billing becomes money and profit

A unique diary-style time-sheet and expenses entry modules integrate with the central workflow. The billing module is fully featured and includes automated, fixed price, contract and standard value based routines for a truly streamlined billing process, so you get to convert billable time into revenue faster. Fully integrated to Symphony TimeCapcha fee earners are able to record time on iPhone and Android devices.

Advance PM billing streamlines the billing process by establishing the value for specific engagements or projects, and then automatically generates fees based on an agreed billing schedule with clients. It can be set-up on a monthly or quarterly basis, or as required. This fixed-fee form of billing leads to significant partner and manager time saved every month, reduced write-offs and improved cash flow.

Electronic fee presentment and payment

We can also integrate Advance Practice Management platform to interactive electronic bill presentation and a high function client portals that include credit card, direct debit, “pay now”, future dated payment via “plan pay”. The net result is faster, more efficient billing which makes paying you an easy process for clients.

Managing Client Engagements

Project management builds an electronic system for organising, storing and automating the creation of work paper documents to support a variety of processes within a professional services firm. The document library stores standard process related content which is then used to generate content and workflows specific to client engagements. The day-to-day management of projects is straight forward and standardised.

Business intelligence

Unique to Symphony APS, Advance Practice IQ provides browser based performance reports using the latest online analytical processing technology. Catering for complex multi-dimensional reporting, Practice IQ helps you to generate reports on any practice defined key performance indicator. Integrated directly to Advance Practice Management, snapshots on performance can be extracted with ease, as can longer term trend analysis. Reports are generated in dynamic web pages which can be viewed within a web browser, Microsoft Excel®, or through an Intranet

A proven business intelligence solution is one that is geared for complex multi-dimensional reporting, so you can produce up-to-the-minute reports to any defined KPI. Performance ‘snapshots’ are easy to take; longer term analyses are equally simple to achieve. Basically, if it’s in your firm, the Advance Practice IQ can report on it.

The best, fully proven partners

Working with our experienced, specialist partners, we will provide you with the platforms required to provide comprehensive practice management and business intelligence solutions.

The key benefits

  • Practice management software and CRM work seamlessly together to support productivity, control and profitability
  • Measurable improvements – in terms such as a streamlined billing process, or de-duplicating effort and time wasted in given areas of administration
  • Complex multi-dimensional reporting made easy
  • Workflow as a central pillar of the system, not just an additional module
  • Activities such as time management, utilisation, billing and credit management streamlined and unified
  • Modern electronic billing and payment capability

Time, WIP, Billing

A robust scalable PM solution will be extended when engagement records are automated from CRM together with fixed fee contracts all complimented with mobile time capture.

Workflow and Utilisation

In addition to measuring time and its realisation firms require sound budgeting and gross margin analysis alongside client workflow.

Credit Control

Moving beyond the pdf fee or statement to electronic presentation in an interactive manner to facilitate electronic payment, faster settlement via an online portal for managing debt.

Business Intelligence

A firms ability to take action requires an analytical platform that provides insights into performance and behaviour. Only then does the data mean anything.


Integrated to Client Lifecycle Management

Firms can’t afford to get bogged down in Finance, HR and IT silos. Practice Management must do what it does best and at the same time collaborate with client relationship life-cycle platforms.

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