Referral & Prospect Management

The SymphonyCRM platform manages referrals and prospects effectively through a comprehensive method of recording inbound and outbound referrals. Our CRM provides a coherent link between business development and marketing disciplines to optimise new opportunities. While precise reporting and forecasting capabilities deliver the accuracy your business needs for future growth.

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Here we give further insight into the CRM benefits to manage referrals and prospects.

CRM that pulls everything together

For your business to be really effective, you need business development, marketing and communication to be linked. These disciplines aren’t the same but need to be in line with each other.

Overcome these challenges with a system where CRM and marketing link intelligently, working in support of professionals who need to hold those opportune conversations.

Manage referrals effectively

SymphonyCRM manages inbound and outbound referrals, providing the business development team with the accuracy needed to identify and manage opportunities that are introduced from key business associates.

SymphonyCRM includes a specific module for professional service firms that manages the many relationships between organisations, individuals and opportunities. This is invaluable in helping your firm make the very most of opportunities that arise via key business associates and keep track of the multiplicity of relationships within.

Clarity, consistency, accuracy

SymphonyCRM helps establish clear and coherent business development processes across your firm. It means that relevant data capture remains consistent, so that when the data feeds into reporting and forecasting, accuracy is maximised.

Unified and smarter working for results

The platform can also engage all relevant teams working to exploit new opportunities. Our CRM makes creating personal business plans for key personnel a far more focused and effective process – their time is made use of intelligently, applied to the actions and interactions that develop relationships and which generate results.

SymphonyCRM is business development

CRM in its most effective form is all about growing your firm. With SymphonyCRM in place you can leverage your key relationships intelligently, focusing time and activity precisely where it’s most likely to produce the desired effects – more work, more revenue, more profitability.

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The key benefits

  • Supports and enhances your ability to develop key relationships for maximum mutual benefit
  • Smarter management of inbound and outbound referrals, leading to optimised handling of opportunities
  • More support, allowing your business development team to be more productive and focused on moving your firm forward
  • Precision in reporting and forecasting, dashboard-based to give the right insights to the right people


Moving from a passive state to one that is active will require an integrated solution that monitors inbound and outbound activity.

Richer Relationships

In organisational management, relationships are everything. Building and nurturing successful, long-term relationships is at the very heart of it.


The aggregation of multiple LinkedIn sources into one platform promotes effective communication and internal relationship mapping.


Leveraging Key Business Relationships

The dynamics of buying and selling are not equal. Getting clear on what to communicate and when to engage the business development talent and referral relationships are vital for the efficient use of skills which in most firms do not form naturally.

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